My Story

Living Lux

In Miami & Beyond

I started my blog as a way to save my memories forever. I come across a lot of cool stuff early. I want to share my passion for art, philanthropy, fashion and fun events.

Know This First

The things that matter most to me are my husband, my family and my dog. Everything else is a bonus.

I am a Miami girl that never left. I love Miami, it is my home. I have traveled to many different places, but nothing feels as good to me as Miami.

Lets Talk About Business

I am a web developer and professional video editor. I love to be creative and design clothing and hats. I am currently working on a few secret projects. As soon as I am ready to share, you will see it here. If you are interested in a cool website like mine, send me a message.

What to expect

Luxury, Philanthropy

Fashion , Family and Art

My passion as you should know by now is family, art, design and fashion. Expect to see exclusive events, upcoming fashion trends and good food. I am giving you access to my personal life. My blog is my diary that is open for the world to see.

Show Me More

Do what makes you happy. Do not purposely hurt others. What comes around goes around. This site makes me happy, I hope you can smile and enjoy it as well.

Let's Start This Party

Now that you know me a little better, head over to my blog.